Secure Data
  • 30 Mar 2021
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Secure Data

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Secure Data is a new left navigation menu introduced in version 2.14. Admins will be able to quickly configure data ingress

  • By Process
  • By Regex
  • By URL

Secure Data by Process

Previously admins would edit this information from the Secure Process menu option.

Secure Data by Regex

In previous versions admins would edit this information from the client configuration page.

Regular Expressions (Regex)

A special function of Derivative detection is using regular expression patterns to trigger a derivative (automatic securing of data based on content).

The example expression below will detect 3 digits, a dash, 2 digits, a dash, and then 4 digits. This is standard format for a United States Social Security Number.


Regular Expression requires

  • Derivative enabled
  • Dertivative extension must be added to the extension list
  • File being reviewed must meet the Derivative file size requirements
If multiple expressions are entered in a single Client Configuration Policy

Expressions are logically OR so any of the expressions will trigger a regex match.

Addition resources for Regular Expression templates

Secure Data by URL

This is a new admin page. Previously securing data by URL was configured locally via scripts. This function is now configurable directly from the admin UI.

  • To create a new by URL rule, click on Create Rule.
  • Enter the name of the rule and assign a Circle. All data downloaded from the URL(s) will be automaticalled assigned to the Circle selected here.
  • Add at least one Regex pattern and click Create.


After clicking Add Regex Pattern, the admin will have two options:

  • GitHub
  • Custom

GitHub is predefined. Custom will allow the admin to select any URL pattern

Example URL Regex Pattern



Secure Data By URL Modify Rules Order

After the admin creates By URL rules, the admin can order the rules. The purpose is to provide a logical hierarchy of rules if the rules overlap.


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