Ubuntu & Mint Linux Installation
  • 17 Oct 2020
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Ubuntu & Mint Linux Installation

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A short guide on how to install SecureCircle Agent on Ubuntu/Mint Linux machine

Download and Install

  • Download the installer for Linux. File will have an extension .run
  • Open the terminal and type these commands
  • Add privilege to execute this file
chmod +x fhfs.run
  • Download new package info
sudo apt update
  • Execute the installer and provide invitation ID and server address
sudo INVITATION_ID=yourinvitationid ./fhfs.run --tracker=dev.securecircle.io

Reboot after installation

After sucessful installation and reboot the following commands should have similar output:

lsmod | grep fhfs

fhfs                  356352  5

mount | grep fhfs

/dev/vda2 on / type fhfs (rw,relatime)


sudo apt purge fhfs

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