Server Web UI Basic Navigation
  • 26 Mar 2021
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Server Web UI Basic Navigation

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Begining in version 2.14 the admin UI navigation has been updated. The left menu navigation has been simplified.

  • Circles remains the same
  • Configuration now includes the admin pages for Configuration, Integrations, Administrator Management, Application Configuration, Secure Send, and Policies
  • Access Data is a new menu that contains the Users, Devices, and Applications
  • Secure Data is a new menu. Admins will be able to quickly configure data ingress
    • By Process
    • By Regex
    • Be URL

Secure Data by Process is the Secure Process feature. The location of the admin pages moves to Secure Data menu.

Secure Data by Regex moves the the new Secure Data menu from the client configuration page.

Secure Data by URL is a new admin page. Previously securing data by URL was configured locally via scripts. This function is now configurable directly from the admin UI.


The navigation throughout the Admin interface is common through all the various functions. On the left-hand side is a basic navigation bar to take users to the main functions. Once a function is selected, there will be an action button as well as a table showing entries and details.

A search field will allow for filtering by tags and keywords.

The table can be sorted within a column by clicking on the column header. Clicking the header again with reverse the sorting (A-Z to Z-A, for example). Every table will have a search/filter option to quickly find the correct values by keyword or tag name.

If the table requires multiple pages to display, page navigation is available with Beginning, Previous, Next, End.

Additional selections filters will appear based on the column headers to help refine the search results.

Additionally, there are Refresh, Help, and Settings icons available on each page.

  • Refresh will refresh the table content
  • Settings allow customization of table settings such as displaying columns and number of rows per page

When an item is selected in a table, the Description details will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

In the upper right corner of the interface, admins will find:

Account Menu.png

  • Help icon provides embedded and searchable documentatoin. The source of the help information is the site
    Embedded Help.png

  • Message icon for any messages or announcements.

  • Account Menu allows admins to change their settings (name and language), change password, rotate API key, setup MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), About (version and legal information), and sign out.

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