Secure Clipboard
  • 26 Mar 2021
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Secure Clipboard

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Secure Clipboard (formerly known as Magyc or Magic Clipboard)

Secure Clipboard was introduced in the SecureCircle 2.9.0 suite. This feature replaces our previous clipboard protection feature and offers a larger set of configuration and control over how your users are able to copy data. There are three distinct modes of clipboard operation.

  • Disabled - SecureCircle clipboard protection is turned off. This is the equivalent of having no clipboard protection at all and keeping the default system behavior.

This only disables Secure Clipboard. No other features will be disabled.

  • Enabled (Beta) - The end-user is allowed to copy unprotected content and paste it into a protected file. Copy and paste between protected files is also permitted in this mode. Copying from a protected file into an unprotected one will be blocked.

  • Strict - Copy function is totally blocked when working with protected data (preventing paste). Unprotected files will retain the normal copy/paste functionally.


Working with a protected and an unprotected file in the same software at once, will result in clipboard being blocked to prevent a leak via memory.

“Can I copy/paste?” reference table

Protected to Protected Protected to Unprotected Unprotected to Protected Unprotected to Unprotected
Disabled Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enabled Yes No Yes Yes
Strict No No No Yes

Configuring Secure Clipboard

Secure Clipboard settings are controlled by our new User Roles feature. You can use any of the predefined roles, or create your own roles to use whichever combinations of settings you choose. When you choose to either create a new User Role, or modify an existing role, you will be presented with a menu option with drop down selection entries. For the purposes of Secure Clipboard, we will focus on this and go over other User Role options in other documentation.

  1. Navigate to and expand the Configuration options in the administrator UI. If you do not see these options, you may need to be granted permission to view and edit them.
  2. Under Configuration, select User Roles.
  3. Click Create to make a custom User Role. A popup window will appear with multiple options.
  • Alternatively, Choose an existing role with the check box, select Actions, and then Modify Role.
  1. From the Secure Clipboard section, you have 3 choices. Enabled, Disabled, and Strict. Using the graph above, determine the level of permission you wish to assign to users with this role.
  2. Once all other options have been selected and configured to your liking, click Create at the bottom right of the popup window.
  • Alternatively, if modifying an existing role, the button will say Modify in the bottom right.


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