Rapid Deployment
  • 26 Mar 2021
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Rapid Deployment

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Quickly deploy SecureCircle.

  1. Setup SecureCircle Server Administrator(s)
  2. Create Circle
  3. Invite Users and Confirm Devices

Setup SecureCircle Server Administrator(s)

  1. Configuring SecureCircle Administrator(s).
  • Hierarchy of how SecureCircle manages Administrator(s), their Groups and Roles.
    • Administrators belong to Administrator Group
    • Administrator Groups consist of an Administrator Role and a list of Circles
    • Administrator Role defines the permissions an administrator will have



  1. Creating and configuring your first Administrator for the SecureCircle server
  • Once logged in to the SecureCircle Server, navigate to Administrator Roles and select Create Role and set a new Role Name and select Create
  • Select the newly created role, go to Actions and select Modify Role
  • Configure your desired roles and select Modify to save
  • Select the Administrator Groups tab and click Create Group. Give your group a name and select a Group Role (be sure to select the desired role). Select Create to add the new Group. Select the newly created group, go to Actions and select Modify Group
  • Configure your desired circles, and double-check that everything is as desired, then select Modify to save

Unchecking All Circles will allow selection of which circles the group can manage. Multiple circles may be selected.

  • Go to the Administrators tab and select Create User, fill in the required fields and click Create
    • User creation requires the following fields
      • Full Name: Name used to identify the admin
      • Email: Admin email address
      • Group Name: Select an Administrator Group policy which will map to admin user
        • Note: Be sure to assign the correct group
      • Password: Set initial password for admin user
      • Status: Set whether the user is Enabled (can login) or Disabled (cannot login)
  1. EXAMPLE: Please see the video below for an end-to-end Role, Group and Admin User creation demonstration:

Create Circle

When you first log into the SecureCircle Server with your administrator account, you may need to create your first Circle. In other cases, initial Circles may have been created for you by other SecureCircle Server administrators. A new Circle may be created in the following way-

  1. Once logged in to the SecureCircle Server, navigate to the Circles tab and select Create Circle
  2. Creating a new Circle requires the Circle Name along with configuration of which policies the circle should apply
  3. Select Create when finished


Invites Users and Confirm Devices


Inviting new users to a Circle will allow them to join their PC, Mac or smart device, which enables them to use secured content within the Circle transparently. The same invitation can be used on a PC, Mac or smart device to join the Circle. Please keep in mind that once the Mac and PC have joined the Circle, they are able to use secured files just like unsecured files; there is no change in usage behavior.

  • Sending an Invitation To a New User
  1. After logging in to the SecureCircle Server, click Circles on the left hand navigation bar

  2. Select the Circle you want to invite the user into

  3. Go to Actions and select the Invite User button

  4. Enter the Full Name, Email address and select the Role the user should have.

    • Subscriber – A Subscriber can open, edit and save existing files that have been added to a Circle, however they cannot add or remove files to/from the Circle.
    • Contributor – A Contributor is able to open, edit and save similar to Subscriber, but this role additionally allows data to be protected and unprotected.
      • User(s) with this role have the ability to Add to Circle and Remove from Circle when right-clicking files and folders.
  5. Select Invite to make the user a member of the circle.

  • Users must complete the invitation process by following the directions in the email invitation. The invitation will expire in 24 hours, at which time the user will no longer be able to add new devices. Administrators can re-invite users if needed.

  • Re-Invite User (The email invitation expires after 24 hours. If the invitation has expired and the user wants to add their device or an additional device, the invitation can be resent)

  1. After logging in to the SecureCircle Server, click Circles on the left hand navigation bar
  2. Click on the Circle you want to re-invite the user to join
  3. Click on Users under the Circle name on the left hand navigation bar
  4. Find and select the user to re-invite
  5. Select the Actions button and click on Reinvite User
  6. Click Reinvite to confirm


Users will be asked to confirm their device after installing the SecureCircle Agent (client) via email.
A New Device confirmation email example

In the event the user does not confirm or requires administrators assistance, the device may be manually confirmed on the SecureCircle Server.

  1. Login to your SecureCircle Server and select Devices on the left hand navigation bar
  2. Find and select the Device(s) you want to confirm
  3. Chose Actions and hit Confirm Device
  4. Validate you are confirming the correct Device(s) and select Confirm again


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