Web UI MFA Admin Login
  • 25 Oct 2021
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Web UI MFA Admin Login

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SecureCircle Web UI MFA Admin Login

From the SecureCircle Admin UI Login page, log in as normal.

Once logged in, click the small dropdown arrow top right of the screen next to your Admin login/name and initials. Select Setup MFA.
Setup MFA.png

You will be prompted that you will be logged out to complete MFA registration. A TOTP application will be required.
setup MFA logout.png

Once you are logged out, log back in with the same credentials. Now you will go through the setup process. You will be provided a recovery key and a checkbox to confirm you got it in the event you need to reset your MFA. Another administrator with sufficient permissions in the Admin UI can also reset your MFA if needed.
MFA recovery key.png

Hitting "Next" will bring you to the authenticator screen with a QR code on it. Scan the QR code and add it to your TOTP authentication application. You will need to use the app provided MFA code to finalize Setup.
QR code authenticator.png

You can confirm MFA has been successfully set up by checking the top right dropdown menu again, and instead of seeing a Setup MFA option, you will see a Remove MFA option.
Remove MFA.png

All further logins from this point will be prompted with a second login page requesting the current MFA Code.
Login MFA.png

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