Linux useful tips and commands
  • 19 Jul 2021
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Linux useful tips and commands

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Here is some useful Linux comands and tricks


smal commandline tool that helps easier operate fhtools comman operations like encrypt/decrypt, attach Secure Folder and etc

fhpytools -h

Agent stop/start

service fhagent stop
service fhagent start

SecureCircle uninstall (RHEL/CentOS)

yum remove securecircle

SecureCircle uninstall (Ubuntu/Mint)

apt remove securecircle

Enable/Disable root overlay

Do not enable root overlay if SELinux is enabled!!!

sudo fhfsdrv root-overlay enable
sudo fhfsdrv root-overlay disable

Enable/Disable File Compression feature

To disable it run command

 echo off > /sys/fs/fhfs/compress

To enable it again run command

echo on > /sys/fs/fhfs/compress

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