Key Management Policy
  • 26 Mar 2021
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Key Management Policy

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A default Key Management policy will exist. The default policy will utilize the Local Key Storage and create a key per file.


To create a new Key Management Policy

  1. Click on Key Management (under Configuration > Integration) in the left-hand navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on Create Policy button
  3. Enter a Policy name
  4. Select the Key Server to use.
  5. Select the Scope.
  • Key per File – for each new File created in the Circle, a unique File Key and IV vector will be derived according to the associated Key Management policy.
  • Key per Circle – all files in the Circle have same Key value (the Circle Key) and each file has a unique IV vector. A Circle Key is created during the Circle creation according to associated Key Management policy.
  1. Click Create

A policy change will affect only new files created in the Circle after the change.

If no Key Management Policy is configured, the “Key per File” mode using the SecureCircle Local Key Provider is used by default.

To Modify a Key Management Policy, click on the checkbox field of the Policy(s) you want to modify. Then click the Actions button. Click Modify. Change the appropriate fields and click Modify.

To Delete a Key Management Policy, click on the checkbox field of the Policy(s) you want to delete. Then click the Actions button. Click Delete. Click Delete again to confirm.

Deleting a Key Management Policy that is assigned to a Circle will remove the Key Management Policy from the Circle and change the Key Management Policy to default Local Key Storage. Existing keys will remain in use and no data will be lost.

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