Install Directory-Based Agent on Windows File Server
  • 26 Mar 2021
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Install Directory-Based Agent on Windows File Server

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Designating folders on a fileserver as Protected Folders causes any new data written into those folders, whether from local sources or remote, to be protected as part of the Circle for which the folder was designated. When the SecureCircle Agent is running on the fileserver itself, the configuration of its Protected Folders is centralized to the fileserver, ensuring that all data written to the folders is protected, regardless of remote client configuration.
The following describes how to install and configure the Directory-based SecureCircle Agent on the fileserver, which is recommended for fileservers that are a part of an Active Directory environment.

Download the Directory-based SecureCircle Agent

On a Windows machine, navigate to the Directory Devices menu in the SecureCircle Server Admin UI and click the Download Application button. Then, click the Download button.

  • Copy the download.exe file to the Windows fileserver and run it

Option #1: Designate Folders on Fileserver as Protected Folders Using the Windows GUI

  1. Login to fileserver as user that is a member of at least one security group that is specified in a Directory Policy that is associated with desired Circles. For example, if the Domain Admins group is added to all Directory Policies that are associated with the desired Circles, login to the File Server as a user that is a member of the Domain Admins group.
  2. Navigate to the shared folders that should be designated as Protected Folders.
  3. Right-click on each folder and select "Add to Circle", selecting the desired Circle.

Option #2: Using SecureCircle fhtools Command-line Utility to Specify Persistent Folder Attachments as the Local System Service

Execute fhtools as the Local System Service (Folder Attachment Persists Across Reboots)

  1. Download the PSTools Suite from Microsoft and extract PSExec.exe to a directory in the path (e.g., current working directory, C:\Windows\System32, etc.)

  1. Open an Administrative Command Prompt.
  2. Open a Command Prompt as the Local System Service by executing the following.
psexec -i -s cmd.exe
  1. Run the fhtools --attach command with the Circle ID from the "Determining the Circle ID to which a Folder will be Attached" section. For example:
fhtools --attach --input="C:\shares\share1" --circle=0f2c20b9-0ef4-11e9-a1e4-595bf59f9ebc


Determining the Circle ID to which a Folder will be Attached

  1. Navigate to the Circles menu in the SecureCIrcle Server Admin UI.
  2. Select the checkbox near the desired Circle.
  3. In the Description menu near the bottom of the page, copy the Circle ID value for later use.

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