Create Administrative Users, Groups, Roles
  • 26 Mar 2021
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Create Administrative Users, Groups, Roles

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Details how a SecureCircle Server administrator may create another administrative user.

  1. Log in to the SecureCircle Server Administrative Web UI.
  2. Navigate to the Configuration→Administrators menu.
  3. Click the Create User button.
  4. Input the user's full name, email address, and password. If unsure which Group to select, select Super Admins. Leave status as Enabled.


The SecureCircle administrator hierarchy is:

  • Administrators belong to Administrator Group
  • Administrator Groups consist of an Administrator Role and a list of Circles.
  • Administrator Role defines the permissions an administrator will have


Create and configure administrators for the SecureCircle server.


  • Create User

    • User Name: a name used to identify admin
    • Email: Admin user email address
    • Group Name: Select an Administrator Group policy that will map to admin user
    • Password: set initial password for the admin user
    • Status: Enabled/Disabled.
  • Modify User

    • Change the Admin Group permissions for the user
    • Change the status
  • Disable User

    • Changes the status of the user
  • Delete User

    • Remove the admin user. A configuration message will appear to confirm the action.

Administrator Groups to set a group policy that is applied to an admin

Create and configure Administrator Group Policies that are applied to admin users. Super Admin is a default group.

Super Admins: All permissions for all Circles

Circle Operators: Only have permissions to change Circle specific settings.

  • Create Administrator
    • GroupGroup Name: Assign a name to the Administrator Group policy
    • Group Role:
      • Circle Operator: Admin users which only have access to Circle permissions and configurations
      • Super Admin: Admin users with full admin rights.


  • Modify Group

    • Group Role: Change Group policy between Super Admin rights and Circle Operator rights.
    • By default, the Administrator Group has access to All Circles. This can be changed by deselecting the All Circles checkbox. Using the pull-down menu or typing in a keyword, select all the Circles which apply to the Group.
  • Delete Group: Remove the Group policy. A configuration message will appear to confirm the action

Administrator Roles to create unique permission set(s) for various administrators

Create and configure roles with the appropriate permissions. A partial list of administrator permissions can be assigned to a role is shown here.

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