Changing Log levels for SecureCircle Endpoint Client
  • 26 Mar 2021
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Changing Log levels for SecureCircle Endpoint Client

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This function is to set specific logging levels for various SecureCircle processes. It is commonly used for investigative purposes by setting log levels to Debug mode. The following is a walk through on the process to change this.

To set different levels of logging, open a CMD prompt in Administrator mode.

Once this is opened, navigate to the configuration file folder by using the following command;

cd "c:\Program Files (x86)\SecureCircle"

This location may differ if you did not install SecureCircle in the default location.

When in this location, you will have the option of the following configuration files.

  • fhagent.ini
  • fhoutlook.ini
  • fhshellext.ini
  • fhtools.ini
  • fhuser.ini

For each one of these you wish to change, enter the full file name and press Enter. This will open the files in Notepad.exe with Administrative privileges so they can be edited.


If CMD is not running in Administrator mode, these files will not be able to be edited and saved.

At the bottom of each configuration file, you will see a list of logging levels. At the very end where it says level=information, change this to level=debug or whatever your preferred level is for all available files. Once changed, save and close the files.


; sets the logger's log level using a symbolic value
; valid values are:
;   - none (turns off logging)
;   - fatal
;   - critical
;   - error
;   - warning
;   - notice
;   - information
;   - debug
;   - trace

Finally, the last part is to restart the SecureCircle service. For this, run the following commands in the CMD prompt.

net stop fhagent
net start fhagent

This will ensure the service has the latest logging rules and applies it to all further logs.

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